Los Beans (Dark Roast Coffee)

freshness guarantee

We guarantee you’ll love your pretzel, or we’ll replace it with one that you do.

Los Beans uses 100% Arabica premium coffee beans, with a history of nearly 150 years, baked with the most advanced Loring Smart Coffee Baking machine to ensure that its unique taste is preserved. Arabica planting high altitude, coffee bean with a sense of acid, rich and varied flavor. Los beans will ensure that the abrasive granularity of each coffee bean is consistent, thus ensuring that the coffee is optimally extracted for the best taste.

Los Beans is a Canadian born company; sources the finest quality beans from around the world from partners that share the same vision in environmental and eco-sustainability.

Los Beans benefits from 100% Arabica premium coffee beans, with a history of close to 150 years, with the most advanced Loring Coffee Baking Machine to guarantee the unique taste is preserved.

Established in 2016, Los Beans has partnered with CanTresor Group Inc. to ensure all beans are organic and eco-friendly. This incorporates the blend of light, medium and dark roast beans which assures a quality variety for all to enjoy.  (…Click me to see full Los beans’ information)