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Monday -Friday 9am – 5pm ET


We currently are open at Aberdeen Centre, Richmond and City Square, Vancouver.

You can find CanTresor Group Inc. at:

999 West Broadway
Office no. 509
Vancouver B.C.
V5Z 1K3

We sell a good variety of pretzel flavours, pretzel nuggets and exclusive coffee, for all the caffeine lovers!

Besides from our classic salted pretzel, we have an exclusive pork floss flavour to enrich the taste buds!

Our custom flavours are pork floss and sweet almond, baked precisely to balance the taste of the pretzel with a unique flavour.

You may enjoy the pretzel throughout the day if you wish, we recommend to savour the taste and to enjoy immediately.

We make our pretzels fresh baked everyday, our pretzels are less than 500kcal and range between 300-350kcal.

We are always open to try new flavours and new ways to bake our products; in the future will venture out to try new combinations.

Yes we do, we have sauces for our pretzels depending on your preference?

You can email us at regarding any information, questions or feedback you need.

Yes, in the future this will be open to anyone interested and we are always open to know opportunities and the assist in anyway we can.

We focus on a dark roast blend, from our collaborators at Los Beans a local Canadian based company.

We are currently located in busy shopping malls and eventually will branch out to more business locations for the convenience of others to eat on the go.