CanTresor Pretzels was founded in 2018 in Canda, BC and in the short time we have been opened, we have established a base in baking only the freshness of baked products.

Our Mission

Garzin (Shanghai) Food & Beverage Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CanTresor Group Inc., Canada; specializes in CanTresor Pretzels chain management, franchise and Canadian food import business. CanTresor Group Inc., a Canadian federal registered company headquartered in the heart of Vancouver and is a native Canadian brand. We conduct business through the “CanTresor Pretzel” brand and benefits through franchising as the company’s main focal point. We have a dedicated team from the University of UBC whom, utilizes their skills in nutrition to develop our products in Canada. With their aid and our company’s ambition, we aim to bring a quality lifestyle to customers in addition to cordial feelings and services.