100% Arabica premium coffee beans

Los Beans uses 100% Arabica premium coffee beans, with a history of nearly 150 years, baked with the most advanced Loring Smart Coffee Baking machine to ensure that its unique taste is preserved. Arabica planting high altitude, coffee bean with a sense of acid, rich and varied flavor. Los beans will ensure that the abrasive granularity of each coffee bean is consistent, thus ensuring that the coffee is optimally extracted for the best taste.


The Vancouver's signature pretzel is delicate and soulful. CanTresor is dedicated in making each pretzel's exterior buttery and blistered.  

From the Classic Salted Pretzel, Cheese & Pepperoni Pretzel, Cinnamon Sugar Nuggets, Italian Parmesan Cheese Pretzel, Maple Bacon & Walnut Pretzel, Nutella Hazelnut Pretzel, Sweet Almond Pretzel, to Pork Floss Pretzel...this food journey is beyond your imagination!

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As one of the fastest-growing pretzel suppliers in Vancouver, we aim to make this delicacy as accessible as possible!